Friday, 31 May 2013

F is for Fade

It's no secret to those who know me that I love a glitter fade.  The photograph above is a set of nails I did on a client last year and this image alone has got me more bookings than any other photo I've ever posted on Twitter, Facebook and on my website. Kerching! Come on you didn't think I did this just for the love of nails did you? Did you? Anyway.... I've used my beloved Blackpool Shellac and Irresistible Nail Art's silver holographic glitter in this picture, but you can do this with so many different Shellac and glitter combinations.  

The glitter fade is such a hit with clients because if they are apprehensive about a full set of rockstar glitter nails, then the fade gives them the best of both worlds.  Similarly those that are worried that a dark colour is just, well too dark, then adding the glitter fade just seems to lift the colour, making the whole nail pop!  In fact one client that went for Midnight Swim, which is a dark midnight blue with a hint of silver shimmer, and a blue holographic glitter fade said that not only her girl friends noticed her nails, but her male friends did too... albeit when she was paying the bar tender for her glass of Vodka and orange... but they noticed none the less.

Glitter fades are so easy to do with Shellac. Base coat- cure, two colour coats- cure, press a small amount of glitter in to the tacky layer around the base of the nail near the eponychium, pat it down, grab a fan brush dust away the access and gently pull the glitter towards the free edge leaving a half and half effect.  Then layer over either a layer of Clearly Pink or Shellac topcoat- cure, then a final layer of Shellac topcoat- cure, to make the finished nail as smooth as a babies bottom.  No one likes a bumpy glitter nail- it's there for the pickers to pick and no good for those that love to stroke their shiny Shellac with their thumbs.  (I'm a stroker by the way, not a picker in case you were wondering)

If you're not a nail stylist, then get yourself down to your local CND Shellac salon, or if you live in Thanet come to me.  I have been renamed The Glitter Fade Queen by my friends, a nickname I am happy to live with... for once!

Here's another example of a glitter fade that I did with Pretty Poison, a dark green with a slight gold shimmer, and Irresistible Nail Art's green holographic glitter fade.  

I tend to use holographic glitters more because they are multifaceted and nothing twinkles like a holographic glitter. I've been known to get car horned at the traffic lights because I've been too busy admiring the sparkle to notice the lights have gone green (ooops) but I tell you what, it makes angry hand gestures look so much prettier...

OK, OK I've never actually done that, after all, I don't want to blind the motorist behind me with my twinkle now, do I...


  1. i love glittery fades!

    1. The world seems so much better with a bit of glitter doesn't it! As the saying goes, when in doubt, just add glitter ;) xxx