Wednesday, 29 May 2013

P is for Photographs

Here is a recent photograph of my clients lusciously long natural nails that I beautified with Decadence Shellac.  Of course I took the obligatory one hand over the other pose for Facebook you understand, but as my client was getting ready to leave my nail studio, she pulled her mobile phone out of her handbag. "HOLD IT!" I cried in every sense of the word and being the good sport that my very lovely client is, she let me click, snap and flash away. 

You wouldn't believe how many people are shy about having their hands and nails photographed and don't even get me started on their feet.  Of course I sympathise as I have hands like shovels which are so out of proportion with my 5 foot 1 inch self, and feet which resemble, according to my old school buddies, the feet of a budgerigar.  However as a nail stylist, what better way to showcase my work by posting photographs of my latest nail creations on Facebook and Twitter.  

I've never had a client refuse to pose yet.  In fact one lady who came for a quick file and polish at a taster day I once did, looked rather alarmed as  I whipped out my camera phone.  "Why on earth do you want to take a photo of my horrible hands?" She exclaimed.  "Just wait and see," I told her.  Two quick snaps later, my client was amazed.  "I can't believe they're my hands. They look really nice!" The nail stylist in me muttered silently in my head "well of course they do I've just tidied, shaped and polished them," but what I actually said was, "right so, I'll put them on Facebook then."

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