Friday, 31 May 2013

S is for Sam

Fortunately my son is still of the age where he doesn't mind me taking photo's of him and posting them on Facebook along with gushy status'.  Sam turned eight this month and I've no idea where the time has gone, I remember labour like it was yesterday (and so does my body).  Although he has the tendencies at times of a stroppy teenager, you know slams doors, asks what it was like in the olden days (I was only born in 1981), uses words that make no sense to me (how the word 'sick' ever became a word for excellent I'll never know) and such like, he still is at heart my little boy that loves a cuddle and kiss... and not just at bed time or when he wants something. 

Sammy is a real gem of a lad, and I know I'm biased being his Mum and all, but really my kid rocks! Recently I was clearing out my boxes of nail paraphernalia, rearranging the studio to accommodate my new pedicure chair which I sit in daily, even though no one's actually giving me a pedicure, and as kids do (well I certainly used too) Sam was rummaging through everything I was throwing out.  Not one to pass up a freebie, Sam spied a box of nail tips, old Creative polishes I no longer use, colour pops and some glitter.  "Muuuuuuum," he says, "can I have those please?"  At this point I'm was imagining one of two scenarios.  Scenario number one- nail polish all over him, the floor, his duvet, his clothes and... the dog. Scenario number two (and perhaps a little premature)- new owner of The Nail Beautique when I retire. 

That's the thing I love about my Sam, whilst being a real little boy with all his boy toys and playing rugby for his local team, he also loves all the things little girls love too.  In my past life (my career before 'doing nails') I used to be a nursery worker and when I was the deputy room supervisor in the baby room, Sam used to attend the preschool room whilst I was working.  I've lost count of the amount times my colleagues and Sam's key workers used to bring him down to the baby room dressed in princess dresses, wearing wigs, with a handbag on his shoulder all the while pushing a toy push chair with a doll in it, but we used to all have a good giggle, including Sam's four year old self.  My manager and I were talking one day and she said, "I love your Sam, because he may be prancing around with a handbag playing house with all the girls, but if you open that handbag it is full to brim with cars!"  And well, that's just my Sam and I love him for it. Who says boys can't love girlie things?  In fact whenever I see my niece and nephews, my first 'customer' may be my niece, but I can guarantee you that my nephews are waiting in line to be glitter polished too!

So you see, my second scenario wasn't as far out as you would imagine.   Sam loves what I do, he still can't quite get his head round the fact that Mummy works for herself  as he continually asks "what will your boss say"(!), but it's nice to share my work with him.  So yes, I gave him the pops, the glitter, the nail tips and the polish for him to play with.  You'll be pleased to know the dog is fine, yes there was an incident with the pot of glitter and the bottle of bright red polish did fly across my studio floor (open), but we had some all important mummy/son time which was the main thing after all (I say as I look at the now red tinged floor tiles).

Sam asked me recently can boys 'do nails'.  I said they could, some of the best nail technicians in the world are men and some even have their own nail product and training companies- Greg Salo of Young Nails, Samuel Sweet of Sweet Squared, Tony Cuccio of Cuccio to name just three, which really impressed Sam.  So as you can imagine my heart nearly burst last week when his nan asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.

"Nan when I grow up I want to be a bus driver like Dad, a train driver, a rugby player, a clown and a Nail Beautique."

See, I told you he rocks!


  1. Aww, I love him! So flipping sweet.

    I get the olden days comments from a couple of 13yr old girls I do and I was only born in '83. They are quite taken with the whole Posh & Becks on thrones for their wedding thing, oh and what is was like when Princess Di died. I love it when they come in, always wonder what the next question will be lol x

    1. Aw thank you, a sweetie he is indeed!

      Haha- there's nothing quite like children to make you feel your age is there!