Sunday, 2 June 2013

L is for Lazy

So today being Sunday and all, it's with great pleasure that I'm having a lazy day.  In fact I've had two lazy days this weekend... hoorah!  As I work from home it's easy to have my doors open for business from Monday to Sunday, and I do.  My husband works shifts and is seldom home at the weekends (I do believe this saves our marriage), and despite my previous post (E is for Ewwwww) my son is as quiet as a mouse when he's home and I'm working, so being available for appointments on Saturday and Sunday is something I'm quite happy to do.  

This past week has been more busy than usual so I decided to take this weekend off.  I've still taken texts and calls from clients (I might be off but my mobile never is) but I decided to dedicate this weekend to chilling out.  Well I say chilling out, I chill out about as much as any OCD mentalist does, but I digress.

Friday I took delivery of my favourite industry magazine; Scratch.  Don't tell the good folk of Scratch, but I simply have no idea how or why they keep sending me this magazine as my subscription ceased well over a year ago, but I'm certainly not complaining... or asking to be taken off the mailing list! After making myself a cup of tea I sat down yesterday in my beloved pedicure chair (I think I actually use it more than my clients) with the view to reading my magazine from cover to cover.  Did I? No. Why? Life got in the way as usual. But today I will, after I've finished blogging, posting on Facebook and Twitter, updating my website, etc, etc. 

The sad fact is, if I had subscribed to Scratch on my smartphone I would have read it by now. My Galaxy S3 has, in the last two months of ownership, become like an extension of my arm.  I read books on Kobo, use it to go on several social networking sites, watch TV, take photos and such like, but if I haven't touched it for longer than five minutes I break out in a mild sweat panicking that it's been stolen... even though I've not even left the house!

But sometimes, like a new book, just knowing that my Scratch magazine is there for me to read is enough of a carrot for me to look forward to finding a quiet moment to myself.

So Sunday, today, is going to be my official laziest day of the week. I'm not going to think of my upcoming appointments, what I'm going to cook for tea next week, remember that I've got to set the alarm earlier than normal for the school run, work out which one of us is actually going to do the school run, remember to pay my phone or credit card bill (on time this month) or think that the windows really do need washing, because today dear reader I'm going to dedicate to laziness and who knows I might even think about having a long hot bubble bath and I might even finally get round to doing my own nails.  

I live in hope.

UPDATE: Monday 3rd June 2013- Scratch was read and watered in the bath and I'm now sporting Cake Pop layered with Grapefruit Sparkle Shellac. Mission accomplished!


  1. ooh, ive never heard of this magazine, i can tell it must be good due to your excitement :D

  2. I love it! Helps me get my nail fix every month!! xx I'm just off to follow your blog lovely xx