Thursday, 13 June 2013

M is for Missing

Well hello dear readers.  I have been MIA this week, lots going on, sadly my OCD and sleep deprivation have got the better of me, but I'm back.  Well if only for a quick post this afternoon.

So what has been happening here?  I will blog about the below in full later on... control your excitement now...

The biggest thing right now is that I'm quitting the cigarettes.  Yes the extension to my arm is being removed.  Well almost.  I'm going for the electronic cigarette.  I am currently navigating a plethora of information on my new battery operated friend... insert smutty joke here.. on the internet.

Also tonight, car space permitting, I am picking up a beautiful 1960's dressing table that over the course of the next month (maybe year as it's so blooming big) I will be giving a new lease of life to with Annie Sloan paint.  No idea how it's going to:

a) Fit in the car
b) Be carried through the communal hallway
c) Navigate the salon 
d) Get round the structural pole in our bedroom (and yes I said structural not recreational)
e) Fit next to the tumble dryer that has recently taken temporary residence in our bedroom

But I'm hopeful if nothing else. 

Himself has also declared that he is going to become a better man after a recent 'conversation' we had.  So far he has taken up smoking one cigar a night if he is feeling a bit stressed, he's gathering tips from the 'men' on The Only Way is Essex, purchased me some rather delicious coffee from Whittards and arranged a night out with one of his friends to the cinema on Monday.  I'm not sure he quite got the 'conversation' we had, but as my mother said, at least he's trying... my patience perhaps was my response.

I'm sure there is more that I am currently doing, it feels like in the last few days I have kept my mind occupied with thoughts to last me a life time! But I will close for now as I did promise a quick post and I'm as good as my word... well most of the time anyway...


  1. Recreational pole sounds more fun. ;)

    Hope things go well for you and himself. He sounds like he's trying and that's more than most.

    1. Ha! If I swung on it, I'd literally bring the house down! xx By the way don't worry about your 'troll feet' I'm a pedicurist by profession and your feet are absolutely fine... now my beautifully nicknamed (by my friends) budgerigar feet are something else all together!! x

  2. Oh, conversations. How they can twist our worlds around :)

    Good luck on figuring your new cigarette out! Good for you for getting off the real ones.

  3. Nearly 24 hours without a tobacco cigarette... yay! Thanks honey x