Tuesday, 4 June 2013

P is for Pets

I warn you now this is going to be a pet picture heavy post... I will work nails in to this some how, I promise...

So everyone say hello to Prince (did any of you just say hello Prince, I know I did). My pussy cat and I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship but that works both ways I can tell you.  Prince is going to be four this year and is currently sitting right next to me on the sofa as I blog this, which is unusual, it's normally my husband that is owed the pleasure.  I became the owner of Prince four years ago after buying him from our local pet shop across the road called Paw Prints... can you see why he was named Prince?  I love it when we go to the vets for his yearly jabs because when they call his name out they always tag on our surname... "Vet to see Prince Farag"... it gets us every time... childishly.  Prince never sees the funny side of our vet visit understandably, but in some ways it is Karma getting her own back.  Prince is, how shall I put it... a bit of an alley cat.  He has been known to bring home birds (including a pigeon), swipe at the legs of seagulls as he waits under cars so our neighbour tells us, and has even brought home a squirrel which he has, wait for it... beheaded! But for all his natural instincts he can also be a real home bod.  He likes his creature comforts and is often found trying to get in to my salon to lay on my nail desk or curl up in the pedicure chair, from which he is swiftly removed.  But Prince is Prince, God loves a trier and he hasn't quite got the message that my nail studio is a cat free zone... yet.

I'm known for my love of pets, much to my husbands despair, and at one point we had a cat, a dog, tank of fish and two rabbits in a two bedroom lower ground flat (they didn't all live inside the flat just in case you were wondering).  Sadly Bobby and Beaker the rabbits passed away some years ago, along with the goldfish (I swear the cat had nothing to do with their demise).  We still have Alfie the yellow, quite frankly mentally insane, labrador who is 9 years old.  Here's a picture of him...

To this day, my husband and I still maintain that bringing up a baby is a walk in the park compared to owning a labrador puppy, who I can tell you now have a penchant for beanbags... yes I said bean bags and I don't mean laying on them.  After the 'beanbag incident' which we now refer to it as, I am under no illusion that beanbags have a lot of balls in them, and I mean a lot, and they don't get digested too well either.  We also believe that Alfie should have really been named Tigger, that dog can jump/bounce off all fours to the height of my shoulder and he also spins around like a crazy person, and believe me we've got enough crazy in this house without the dog adding to it.

But as with all pets, they become part of the family and we love them both dearly.  Alfie the dog thinks he's human and Prince the cat thinks he's a dog.  The animals are all very confused here, never mind the humans.   But Alf and Prince also love each other.  Well actually, I think the dog tolerates the cat, but the cat flat out adores the dog as you can see from the picture below.

My son also calls the cat and dog his brothers and our Alf goes everywhere with him, including to bed.  They are literally inseparable which is lovely to see. 

I grew up with a yellow lab called Max who reminds me very much of Alfie and he was one of the reasons why I actually chose Alfie from the back of the farmers truck one very cold winters night in 2004.  There before us sat one very quiet, demure puppy at the back of the truck, whilst another insanely excitable puppy stood at the front wagging his tail and jumping around.  We went for the quiet demure one because as he looked up me, he gave me a look just like my beloved and much missed Max.  But uh ho, were we fooled.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, demure or quiet about our Alfie.  Who knew a dog could trick you! 

But I would never be without my boys; Alfie and Prince.  They may get under my feet, come running from three rooms away when the fridge door is merely pulled open and shed so much fur indoors as well as in the car that I have to hoover twice a day (never open the car windows on a windy day after a labradors been in it, two words... fur storm), I still love them anyway and when they pass on to fields of green up there, I'll not know what to do.  Other than... not hoover twice a day, not silently open the fridge or open the car windows on a windy day... but that's a few years off for now, so I'll continue to love and be loved by them anyways...

But to wrap up my pet-tastic post today as promised I will leave you with a nail thought...

What colour shall I have on my claws today?


  1. "Alfie the dog thinks he's human and Prince the cat thinks he's a dog" haha!
    The title could also be "C is for CUTE"!!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! And I totally agree with C is for CUTE!

  3. Aw thanks Rylie and Claire... I found out on Twitter just now that today is hug your cat day... so this post was perfectly timed too ;) Thanks for both stopping by. Much love xx

  4. Prince Farag! It would make me snigger too! What a handsome chap Alfie is and loves the camera by the looks of it. I think Labradors have a knack of luring you in, you know. Ours did the same, sitting at the back of the pen looking all sedate, but boy, she was crazy!

  5. Haha you know that! Loves a picture, hates a video! They are the best dogs in the world and incredibly clever!! xxx