I is for Introduction

I've no idea what to write for an introduction, so bear with whilst I try and form some sort of intelligent, anecdotal master piece.

Think of this as a Post It Note, a Facebook status or a Tweet if you will. For I am going to dazzle you with my personality, my charm and my wit.  

Am I kidding anyone here?

So here's how it goes.  I'm going to share with you my triumphs and tribulations of running ones own nail business, of being a Mum, a wife, a nail stylist and an obsessive compulsive.  I'm also going to share my inner and outer nail geekiness with you, of which I have an abundance of, because frankly everyone else I know is sick of listening to my ramblings.

So there we have it, an introduction of sorts.  It wasn't as short and sweet as I'd hoped, but then I've never been able to contain my words to just 140 characters and my Post It Notes survive on PTO's. Facebook, now that's a different matter, I just wish there was an edit option, or maybe I wish I had an edit option... but I digress.

So reading fans (I know, presumptuous right) the introduction is written! Grab coffee, grab cake, grab wine if you must (and you really must) because R is for Reading and that's just what I want you to do. 

With love and with hugs 

L is for Laura xx

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